Millennium Clinical Trials

– Bringing Tomorrow’s Novel Medicine to Today

Millennium Clinical Trials (MCT)

is a state of-the-art research dedicated facility administering Phase II – 4 clinical trials for various indications and specialties. Millennium Clinical Trials is at the forefront of advancing medicine by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to bring novel new medications to market.

Our Mission

At MCT our mission is to advance medicine and science, and innovate healthcare, while ensuring the protection and safety of patients through Good Clinical Practice standards and ethics.

To our Patients/Volunteers:

We are committed to providing you the highest level of HIPAA compliant, cutting edge treatments and therapy to help manage chronic conditions today and for future generations.

Our Commitment:

To Sponsor and CRO’s: We have a commitment to greatness in producing quality, clean, ethical
data and exceeding recruitment expectations.

Millennium Clinical Trials is proud to announce its telehealth partnership with MedVector to transform clinical trials.  MedVector is a patient recruitment solution used to increase clinical trial participation, reduce costs to clinical trial sponsors, and bring life-saving, advanced medicine to market more quickly.  MedVector’s mission is to advance medicine by streamlining the clinical trial industry.

How the Partnership Works: