About Us

– Bringing Tomorrow’s Novel Medicine to Today

Here at Millennium Clinical Trials we have a commitment to excellence. We recognize that a strong Leadership Team, coupled with an experienced staff, is integral to the success of a research dedicated facility. Our Team unites a proven staff with training in FDA regulations, GCP, and ICH. Behind this training is a true dedication and a desire to advance medicine, all while making a difference in people’s lives for the better.

Executive Team

Trevor T. Esaki

President/Director of Research

Michelle R. Nielsen

Lead Study Coordinator

Heather K. Dougherty

Study Coordinator

Karen H. Esaki



Krista E. Preston, DO

Medical Director

Principal Investigator

Razmig Krumian, DO

Family Medicine


James T. Lin,


Pain Medicine

Principal Investigator

Elvira A. Lindwall,



Principal Investigator

Edward B. Portnoy, MD

Internal Medicine

Principal Investigator