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Our 2,800+ sq. ft. of state-of-the-art dedicated research space is located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our facility is equipped with a dedicated, full-service CAP/CLIA certified laboratory, 5 dedicated research exam rooms – including 1 dedicated infusion room, 2 dedicated monitoring stations, and an FDA secured, alarmed, 24-hour temperature controlled/monitored, area for drug storage and accountability, that requires individualized, dual alarm codes and a biometric hand geometry scan for entry.

Our Equipment and Capabilities Include:

✔ Access to dry ice
✔ Ambient Centrifuge
✔ Annual equipment calibration (January)
✔ Certified Laboratory (CLIA and CA Registration)
✔ Computerized Patient Database
✔ DEA Certified (Schedules II-V)
✔ Designated area to conduct monitoring visits
✔ Easily Accessible Parking
✔ EKG Machines
✔ EDC Capabilities (multiple systems)
✔ Flexible Scheduling (early morning, evening or weekend appointments)
✔ CITI GCP Certified Staff
✔ IATA Certified
✔ Incubator
✔ Individualized private emails
✔ Infusion Room
✔ IV Pump
✔ Local Lab
✔ Manual and Automated Sphygmomanometers
✔ Multi-lingual staff members
✔ Non-contact infrared thermometers
✔ Patient Transportation Assistance
✔ Phlebotomy
✔ Refrigerated Centrifuge
✔ Research Dedicated Fax Line
✔ Remote Data Entry
✔ Resuscitation Cart with Emergency Medications
✔ Scientific Refrigerators
✔ Secure Area for Drug Storage and Accountability
✔ Secure Document Storage
✔ Spirometry
✔ STAT Lab Testing
✔ Sub Zero Freezers (-20 C and -70 C)
✔ Unblinded Staff

Our Facility

Our Lab

In Addition:

✔ Colonoscopy
✔ CT Scans
✔ Endometrial Biopsy
✔ Holter Monitoring Equipment
✔ Kidney Biopsy
✔ Mammography
✔ Ophthalmic Testing
✔ Pap Smear
✔ Pulmonary Function Testing
✔ Transvaginal Ultrasound
✔ Treadmill Stress Testing
✔ Ultrasound
✔ X Ray

Secure Drug Storage

Dedicated Monitoring Areas

Exam Rooms